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Designing your new home

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Before you can build a house you first must determine what type of house you want to build. To articulate the type of house you want you must start by considering various house designs.


You can settle on a house design by various means including browsing the newspaper for house designs and contacting the relevant builder or consulting with a building designer or architect.

House designs in newspapers are generally protected by copyright. Project builders who employ designers generally produce copyrighted house designs. A builder cannot build houses using these designs without the permission of the copyright owner.

If you have seen a design in the newspaper that you like, you can approach the builder who placed the advertisement in the newspaper. The builders designer can modify the design to accommodate any specific requirements that you may have. These modified designs are also likely to be protected by copyright. You should make sure that you choose a block of land that is compatible with the house design you have selected.

If you come across a house design you like by visiting a display home, contact the builder who built the display home. Make sure you check that all the features of the display home are included in the building contract. Many project builders offer house and land packages (within specified locations), where the house designs available will fit on the blocks you can buy.

If you have an idea for a house design, you can employ a building designer, architect or builder (who offers a design service) to draw the design for you. By employing an design expert you can ensure that the design fits within your budget and you can keep also keep the design copyright.

When designing a house it is important that you choose a block of land first so that when you design your house it?maximizes?the potential for the block.