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South Australia's population grows by almost 1%

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Recent data released indicates over the 12 months to June 2011 the South Australian population grew by 12,849 people or by 0.8 percent.

This increase in population was made up of a natural increase in population of 6,795 people while net overseas migration added an additional 8,667 people.

Net interstate migration was responsible for a loss of 2,613 people.

It appears that South Australia's population future continues its past of steady as she goes. Which isnt necessarily a bad thiing.

The slow gradual growth in the states?economy acts as a buffer from the boom and bust that can traditional associated with the property cycle. However it is difficult to say how long this will last as the predicted mining boom comes to fruition.

RBA says housing more affordable

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Fears of a property bubble appear to be unfounded according to?Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens.

At a recent presentation Mr Stevens said there is little evidence that a plunge in Australian house prices, like that seen in the US, UK or Spain, is likely.

?Rather than rising out of control Australia's property market is actually becoming more and more affordable

Scaled to measures of income, Australian dwelling prices on a national basis have in fact declined and are now about where they were in 2002.

Home prices in Australia have fallen 5 to 10 per cent from their peak, compared with 15-20 per cent in the UK and 30 per cent in the US, according to the RBA.

Mr Stevens remarked that 'Four or five years ago we supposedly had a housing affordability crisis. Now it seems that the problem some people fear is that of housing becoming even more affordable.'

It appears that in the mindset of doom and gloom which is surrounding the economy consumers are continually looking at the glass as being half empty despite the all evidence pointing to the contrary reaches 1 million downloads

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After being released in December 2010 the new app has reached 1 million downloads after just 16 months

With vast percentage of market share for internet real estate listings for South Australia has continued to expand it stranglehold over market.

Although available on both i-pad, i-phone and Android devices the majority of downloads were used on the i-phone.

Whilst continues to get the bulk of the internet traffic for home sales it is difficult to imagine any of its competitors having any affect on its market share.

Moving Adelaide

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Not sure if anyone else has heard about The Integrated Movement Strategy for Adelaide?


It's a 10 year plan whose objectives are to achieve a pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and drivers.

As a person who fits into all of these?categories?i cant wait to see the changes that will come about as a result of this.

If your interested you can check out the draft plan at

Make a splash in Adelaide

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Am i the only one who has wondered why we have everything is on in March and nothing is on for the rest of the year?

On the news the other night i heard them saying that if they changed the Clipsal to any other time of the year it would be a massive failure.

Surely it makes sense to spread out the fun during the year. Its not like we live in London where we only have 2 weeks of nice weather per year.

Fortunately the Adelaide City Council think like me and have introduced Splash Adelaide. Projects have included setting up deck chairs on the lawn outside the state library, setting up free table tennis tables and creating pieces of chalk art throughout the city.

The state government has now matched the councils initial $100,000 investment to expand the project which has resulted in the Parklets (mini parks) sprouting out accross the city serviced by street vendors.

If you want more info you can check out